Advertising Your Events & Activities Using eRevelations & FUMCL’s Social Media

As you can see there is a lot of wonderful activities that First Church is involved with.  If you are interested in advertising your activity to the church family please send all the event information in.   We will then include your event in the newsletter* and on the church website.  It will also be advertised on Facebook, Twitter, & Google+.   If you already have it typed up in a document, be sure to attach that as well when you send your email, so we can keep all the correspondence consistent across all mediums!

We are also asking the hosts of events past to let us know how it went so we can feature your event in eRevelations—Monthly!  So send your pictures and a write up to share with the church.

*Please Note: Information to be published in eRevelations must be received by the Tuesday Before Publication (Friday) to ensure it’s inclusion.

Send all event information to:


FUMCL Communications