Bread for the Airman Project

FUMCL Family,

I wanted to thank you all for your support in my Bread for the Airmen project.  On December 20, Dad and I arrived on the NSA campus at 10:30 am with enough dough to make 150 loaves of bread and fired up the ovens in the Junior Airmen dorm.  Within an hour the first loaves were coming out of the oven.  In between batches, we were able to meet with the Junior Airmen that lived there and share time with them while they were away from home.  To our amazement, we baked not just the 150 we needed, but an extra 30 loaves when we walked out at 4:30 pm.  God provided extra for those that helped us out and we could take home a few.  Thank you so much for your support.  I also wanted to personally thank Ron F., Jim W., and Amanda B. who were indispensable that day with their assistance.  Merry Christmas!

Mark W.




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