Bible Studies

First United Methodist Church of Laurel offers a variety of bible studies that we can be a part of as a way to develop a deeper understanding of the Word of God.  Below is a list of current bible studies.


Tuesday Bible Study Schedule

  • Co-Ed Morning Bible Study – 10:30 am-12pm – We are currently studying the Book of Malachi.  This group also helps the pastor with ideas for upcoming sermons.
  • Men’s Evening Bible Study – 7-8:30pm – This group is studying the Book of Colossians.  All will be given a chance to speak but all will not be required to speak.


Disciple study groups are groups of approximately twelve persons who meet weekly to study God’s word. These studies are for anyone interested in in-depth Bible study, from those who have never studied the Bible before to those who have studied the Scriptures more extensively. Study groups meet weekly for about 2-1/2 hours. Group members view a 10-minute video presented by experienced preachers, scholars, or professors with demonstrated ability to communicate their knowledge of Scripture. Group members then discuss the video and participate in discussions or exercises, drawing from their readings during the week.

All Disciple sessions are led by one or more experienced laypersons. Learning materials consist of videos and student workbooks. Students spend about 30 minutes each day, six days each week, reading the Bible and other assigned material. Currently there is a Disciple study meeting on Tuesday nights at 6:30 pm.