eRevelations Publication Instructions


eRevelations Weekly is distributed electronically every Friday & available for download at  If you would like to contribute to eRevelations then be sure to email your event information to the Tuesday before your desired publication start date.  Items will also be advertised on the church social medias (Twitter, Facebook, & Google+).   If you have information that changes from your original submission, that information must be emailed by the Tuesday before the next publication to be reflected in future publications and social media posts.

Please note that this is a public publication and personal identifying information (full names, person email, person phone, personal address) should not be included for the safety of our congregation.  If you need to have contact information for your event, please consider an “” address.  Please email for further instructions on how to set this up.



Please be advised that the church office is not responsible for forwarding your event information and in return does not receive emails sent to   To ensure publication in eRevelations and the Sunday bulletin please make it common practice to include both and when advertising church events.