February 24, 2012

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February 24, 2012
First United Methodist Church—Our Purpose: As believers in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and the Bible as the inspired word of God, we 1) glorify God through worship, 2) build strong relationships in the church family, 3) grow in the knowledge of the truth as revealed through Jesus Christ, 4) serve people as a reflection of the love of Jesus Christ, and 5) spread the Good News of the Gospel so that others may come to salvation through grace.
Thank you Notes
Dearest First Church Family –
Thank you so much for your phone calls & cards, love, support & prayers for us during Daddy’s illness and death. I just don’t know how people get through the really tough times without Jesus working through their church family.
You are an amazing family and I love you all!
Daddy also recognized that my church family was a special bunch of people. I will be forever grateful for God’s blessing through you – His hands & feet!
Your sister in Christ
Trudie Myers

In This Issue:
– Thoughts From Your Pastor
– Worship News
– Fellowship News
– Discipleship News
– Ministry News
– Outreach Ministry News
– Church Meetings
– Other Important Items
Thoughts from Your Pastor
“An Intentional Lent”
Every year I hear of things that people do differently during Lent. Usually it involves giving up something—giving up chocolate, TV, Facebook… something along those lines. I don’t want to minimize those choices. For some people giving up things like that for 40 days could be a real challenge and sacrifice. But isn’t it true that things like those tend to be objects, foods, or activities we could live without anyway? And isn’t it true that after Lent, we would be right back to partaking in those things again? I’ve always wondered about that…
Lent is a time to deepen our devotion, commitment, and intimacy with Christ. It’s a time for increased prayer, meditation, Scripture reading, devotion, and yes, self-denial. But all these things aren’t meant to prove anything about ourselves or to subject us to a life of austerity. All these things serve to show us that we can indeed live with more of Christ and less of the world. And during this time of Lent, God can capture more of our devotion and commitment to be lived out well after Easter.
For me, my Lenten commitments are a mixture of both giving up and taking on. I’ve been gaining some weight back, which I cannot afford to do, so there are certain food choices and eating behaviors that are detrimental to me that I am cutting back so that I can lose weight and have a healthier body for the Lord to use for his service. I also have some creative endeavors that I’ve been putting on the back burner for too long—some music composition and a book idea. These are things I know that God has been pressing me to get done, so I’m doing them! I’m also spending some more time reading Scripture and conscientiously praying more.
But the bottom line, friends, is that you and I have the opportunity to intentionally observe this season of Lent. Make some steadfast commitments. Share those commitments with others so that they can encourage you and hold you accountable. (That’s what I’ve done here, with potentially a whole church to both nudge and get after me…)
Philippians 2:12-13 says, Therefore, my dear friends… continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.
Working out our salvation means living more fully into the life we have in Christ by faith and obedience to him. As we live into our life in Christ, God wills and acts through us to accomplish his purposes. That’s truly what gives our lives meaning, power, potential, and purpose.
Observe a Holy Lent over these next 40 days leading up to Easter. Do that with intention and purpose. The reward is a life lived in Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God!

Yours in Christ’s Love and Service,
Pastor Chris

Worship News
Sunday, February 26, 2012
Our message this Sunday will be “Called to Be with Jesus” and the scripture is from Mark 1:16-20 and 1 John 1:1-4
Music Ministry
Regular Practice Schedule
Chancel Choir – Wednesday Rehearsals 7:30 pm
Praise Team – Wednesday Rehearsals 6:15 pm
Worship Players – 2nd & 4th Saturday 9:00 am
The King’s Kids – Wednesday Rehearsals 6:30 pm….next practice will be February 29th
Fellowship News
Pizza Night

Saturday, March 17, 2012
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
FUMC Fellowship Hall

The First United Methodist Church Fellowship Team would like to invite you to the 9th annual Pizza Night.

Bring your family & friends and join us for a fun filled evening of food and fellowship.

Enjoy the “Buffet Style”
Pizza & Salad Bar

Please sign up in the Narthex, to give us an idea of how much food we need to purchase and an idea of the time you plan to arrive so that we may better serve you.

We look forward to seeing you!!

Discipleship News
Our church holds prayer meetings every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary. We need supporters for this valuable mission so if at all possible, please join us.
Prayer concerns this week: Nicholas Olney (Grandson of Michelle Holmes), Mary Gose, Laura Williams, Tommy Spears, Dawn King, Kyla & baby (niece of Becky & Dale Boeckman), Jr. Johnson, Bill Burdge, Matthew Zipper, Dean Stankewich, Alvin Dickerson & Family, Florence Akinrosotu & Family, Jeffrey Gantt, Jr., Wilson Weabley, Kim Jack, Steve Murphy


1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

We will begin our celebration with lunch
So don’t be late – lunch will be served
promptly at 1:00 PM

We have an awesome celebration planned
including our annual Symbols Egg Hunt
and of course the Candy Egg Hunt
so bring your baskets

Pastor Mike and his Puppet Company
will be here too!


March 5th – 1:00 pm Kathryn Eye Circle Meeting
March 12th – 7:00 pm Martha Circle Meeting
March 12th – 7:00 pm Edith Miles Circle Meeting
Ladies, Mark your calendar!

March 16 & 17, 2012

“Beautification of body” Friday 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Come pamper yourself & enjoy!

“Beautification of soul” Saturday, 8:30 – noon
(Breakfast at 8:30 am)
Then a Challenging seminar speaker at 9:00 am

Mrs. Flossie Dryden
Graduate of Lancaster Bible College
Former missionary to Barbados

Watch for more information and sign up sheets. Don’t miss this blessing!

“Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

No cost Babysitting provided
Meeting Schedule
Sunday, 2/26/12 – Regular Meeting – 6:30pm-8pm – Discussing 30 Hour Famine

Sunday, 3/4/12 – Regular Meeting – 6:30pm-8pm – Discussing Talent/No Talent Show

Sunday, 3/11/12 – Regular Meeting – 6:30pm-8pm – Game Night

Friday, 3/16/12 – Helping with UMW Women’s Retreat – 6pm-9pm

Saturday, 3/17/12 – Helping with UMW Women’s Retreat – 8:30am-12pm

Sunday, 3/18/12 – No Regular Meeting

Sunday, 3/25/12 – Regular Meeting – 6:30pm-8pm – Discussing Talent/No Talent Show

West River Retreat….Last weekend, fourteen youth and four adults enjoyed a wonderful weekend at West River Church Center playing games, watching movies, taking long walks, eating, laughing, making new friends, strengthening old friendships, and reconsidering our own life priorities as we studied the book of Ecclesiastes and what it has to say about what’s truly important in life.

In our first session, we read from the King James Version and the New International Version of the Bible and discovered that in one version the word “vanity” is used and in the other version, the word “meaningless” is used. We discussed what vanity means and named examples we see in the world. Then everyone designed their own vanity license plate and we displayed those on the wall. We created a list of the top ten things that are the most important in our lives and displayed it on the wall of our cabin for the duration of the retreat. In our second session, we held an auction where the youth bid on 26 “paper plate” items such as straight A’s on your report card, life without zits, total Bible recall, a magic homework wand, a family that never argues, etc. During fifteen minutes of bidding, they had to decide which items were important to them and which were not, as it’s easy to get our priorities twisted. (they only had $1,000 to bid with) During the third session, we had three game stations (Taboo, Boggle and Scattegories) and took time playing each timed game. Afterwards, we discussed how playing those games was like real life and trying to balance a lot of different activities – school, sports, church, etc. If we rely on God’s timing in our lives, it can affect our priorities. Next pieces of a jigsaw puzzle were passed out to each person, with each piece symbolizing the part of our lives that we are familiar with. Then, we took a look at the same puzzle pieces, but this time they were put together as the completed puzzle, representing the “big picture,” what God sees. We took another look at our top ten list of important things, this time asking ourselves how we could reconsider our priorities when we focus on God’s big picture. It helped us to re-prioritize some of the things on our list.

Our final session had us uncovering the main point of Ecclesiastes which is that it is a book full of truths. The purpose of life is to honor and obey God. Only by focusing on God will we find contentment in life. We then created “truth” books that identified one truth that is important in each of the following areas: family, school and activities, health, spiritual growth, friendship, and serving others as well as an application statement for each. For example, “Spending time with my family is more important than spending time on the computer. I will spend more quality time with family.” Finally, we spent some quiet time imagining that we were on a beach. We came up, one at a time, to a table that had a basin filled with water. Each person had a spoon and took a spoonful of water out of the basin and returned to their seat. As we went around the circle and each person continued to remove a spoonful of water, we imagined a million years passing with each spoonful of water being removed. We imagined this process continuing until this body of water was emptied–dried out like a desert. Then, we began to fill the basin again, each person coming back up and putting their spoonful of water back into the basin, imagining that a million years had passed between each spoonful until the sea was full again. We discussed how the amount of time it would take to empty the sea by spoonfuls in million-year intervals is absolutely incomprehensible, but it is only a blink of an eye to the God of eternity.

Our lifetimes on Earth, in the scope of eternity are very short and we must make the most of each day. We must use each day as a gift. We must get our priorities in order. All of the things that we put ahead of our relationship with God are vanities–they are meaningless. Throughout the entire retreat, the youth continued to amaze with the depth of thought and knowledge. Throughout the weekend, we were able to untwist some of our twisted priorities. We are already looking forward to the next youth retreat.
Ministry News

Interest Survey

This is a survey to find out if there is any interest in a Caregivers’ Support Group here in our congregation.

1. Gender: _Female  _Male
2. Age: _ Under 21 _21-35 _36-50 _ 51-60 _ Over 60 _Prefer not to answer
3. Are you interested in being part of the Caregiver’s Support Group or leading a Caregiver’s Support Group in our church
_Yes _No

Name if interested in leading a Support Group: ________________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________________________
E-mail address: ___________________________________________
Drop off in box at Information Table

Dementia – What Now????
Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Presented by
Toni Benton, ADC, CMIS
Executive Director

Join us for an informative seminar that addresses many common concerns regarding dementia.
? Common forms of dementia
? What to look for
? When to get help
? Resources and tools provided

Arden Courts
2505 Musgrove Road
Silver Spring, MD 20904

RSVP by Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
By phone 301-847-3051
Or email silverspring@arden-courts.com

Adult Day Care provided upon advanced request.

Verizon Center in Washington, DC
August 17 & 18, 2012
At the event last August, a block of 20 tickets were purchased (and fully paid for) for the Women of Faith Conference.

The event runs:
Friday: 10:00 am- 3:30 pm
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

A box lunch for both days is included in the price of the ticket. Each ticket costs $89 (please make checks payable to James Ryan, or cash is fine). I am keeping a list as people purchase tickets. Tickets will be reserved (as they are paid for) on a first come first serve basis and there are only 6 tickets left. I may be able to add a few more tickets on to our group if need be!

If there are any questions, feel free to email me at starringjenna@aol.com or check out the WoF website for more information: http://www.womenoffaith.com/celebrate/

Looking forward to this year’s conference!

Love, Jenna Ryan

Outreach Ministry News

You are cordially invited to
Side by Side’s Breakfast Celebration & Fundraiser
Free Breakfast by IHOP Laurel
Saturday, March 3, 2012 from 8:30 -10:30 AM
**Silent Auction will be held during breakfast.
Guest Speaker: Rushern Baker, Prince George’s County Executive
Bethany Community Church, 15720 Riding Stable Road, Laurel, MD.
RSVP Required by February 28, 2012 to
sidebyside@sidebysidelaurel.com or 202-710-5555
Free breakfast with a chance to donate to Side by Side
This event will highlight Side by Side’s third year’s successes, including Family Academy Programs, apartment homework club, community–wide tutoring programs, Spanish translation services in schools, computer loan program, and our new program, Great Start. Proceeds and donations will help sustain these important programs.

? Ocean-front beach house (sleeps 10) in North Carolina; 5 days, fall 2012; date to be mutually agreed upon by winner and owner
? First-edition Audubon print
? Homemade pies from Grammy’s Pie Factory; 6 pies
? Horseback riding lessons at Reddemeade Equestrian Center, Silver Spring, MD; four 1-hour group lessons
? Pendant and earring set, custom-designed
? Christmas basket – various Christmas items
? Hand-crafted quilt—68” x 82”
? Alex Ovechkin-autographed Washington Capitals game puck
? Season family pool pass for Laurel City Pool
? D.C. United—two premium-level seats to one 2012 game
? Two tickets to Olney Theatre Center’s performance of “Sleuth” ( July 13th-July 23rd)
? One-month fitness pass at Fairland Sports and Aquatic Complex
? One–month recreational swim pass at Fairland Sports and Aquatic Complex
? Two Six Flags tickets
? Two hand-crafted red stained-glass Christmas light boxes
? Several baskets of Boyd’s Bears, various sizes and themes
? Craftsman tool bag, 6” pull saw, 50’ orange safety cord, Craftsman robo-grip wrenches (3-piece set), Craftsman work light with 25’ cord, 2 strap wrenches
? Two original framed nature photographs by Steve Noyes
? Week-long stay at a three-bedroom vacation house near Montpelier, Vermont, with a beautiful view of farmland, hills, and mountains. Available in July 2012. Must set up specific time with owners.
? One NRA basic pistol or shotgun or rifle class (8 hours) taught by certified NRA instructor. Completion certificate provided that satisfies the Maryland Police Training Commission’s firearms safety training requirement necessary for purchasing a handgun in Maryland.
Side by Side needs some “muscle” in order to help transport tables and set up/break down the fundraising breakfast at Bethany Community Church. Set up help is needed at @ 9 A.M. on Friday March 2nd and break down of the same following the breakfast on Saturday March 3rd.
If you can help, please contact Judy Sinkovitz, 410-997-8937 or David Myers, 301-490-0979. Thanks!

Women’s Winterhaven will be coming to FUMCL the week of:

March 4th-March 11th

We host homeless women in our church for a week and provide meals each night. We need volunteers to help set up, cook, welcome the women each night, and stay overnight each night. Sign up sheets will be available in the Narthex. The volume of women is not the same as the men but the level of ministry to the women is the same. They need to see Christ’s love for them through the volunteers of this program. If you are interested, please sign up in the Narthex . If you need more information, please contact Bev Raynor for more details. (301) 604-0909 or email at : bevanray@ juno.com

It’s BARRADUCA time! The BARRACUDA’s are those people who would like to join the church’s team for RELAY FOR LIFE for the American Cancer Society. Our church created a team in order to have an active role in the fight against cancer. The RELAY FOR LIFE of Laurel is a group of teams that raise money and awareness about the fight against cancer. The monies raised go to the American Cancer Society for research and support services for cancer survivors. The final event occurs in June at McCullough Field with an all night relay (we walk around in circles!) with fun events, fundraising, and a ceremony that helps honor and remember cancer survivors.

If you are interested in joining the BARRACUDAS team – please contact Bev Raynor at (301)604-0909 or email at : bevanray@juno.com.

Please visit the RELAY FOR LIFE of Laurel’s website for more information. www.relayforlifelaurel.org If you would like to make a donation, please click on the BARRACUDAs team name or see Bev Raynor for more details.

June 9, 2012 at
McCullough Field

Church Meetings
Worship Committee Meeting – Thursday, March 1st at 7:30 pm
Staff Parish Relations Committee Meeting – Thursday, March 8th at 7:30 pm
Other Important Items
March Birthdays:
1 Hazel Foster
Allison Malone
2 William Loukota
3 Teddy Hersey
Robert Holmes
4 Ken Hersey, Jr.
Kim Newkirk
5 Jan Watts
6 Russell Beall, Jr.
Robert Miles
7 Robert Grier
Chris Owens
10 Patrick McLaughlin
12 Star Lynn Hall
13 Jenna Ryan
14 Julie Hildebrand
Andy Mueller
Sara Turney
15 Grace Becraft
Odile Martin
Wink Rouse
16 James Holmes, Jr.
Dan Messina
18 Reagan Bouie
19 Douglas Weston
20 Salome Peters
21 Betty Clark
Herman Higgins, Jr.
Catherine Myers
Jeremy Newkirk
22 Gale Gladney-Anderson
Joseph Johnson
23 Marian Nicholson
24 Elizabeth Whitmore
Daniel Wright
25 Gilbert Abraham
Virginia Busic
Dave Hostetler
26 Brooke Miller
27 Melissa Hensley
28 Tiffany Clinton
Samantha Higgins
31 Agnes Petersen
Jesse Robertson

March Anniversaries

4 Jamie & Shari Kornak
5 Daniel & Linda Wright
8 Joe & Susan Mickesh
10 June & Theresa Metzger
16 Laudis & Sara Turney
21 Trevor & Kelly Miller
26 Dave & Ann Meixner

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