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Hos·pice \hos-pis\ n: comfort and purpose at the end of life

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Hospice 101: What We Do and How We Help

 Tuesday, June 18th & 12:00-1:00pm

In one hour, find out how hospice can help your family, now or in the future.

  • Where do patients go for care?
  • Who is eligible for hospice benefits under Medicare?
  • How is hospice paid for?
  • What services are covered under the Medicare Hospice Benefit?
  • How long can a person receive hospice?
  • Why would someone start receiving hospice care?
  • Does calling hospice mean giving up hope?

“What you never ever hear is somebody saying I went to hospice too soon. Or I shouldn’t have started that process then. Quite the contrary. It is always I wish I had done this earlier.”

–       Cokie Roberts, journalist & family member of a Montgomery Hospice patient

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